NEWS 11.11.2012



DF 17 Kumpelbasis – der Luxus unter wilden Tieren Lp lim 300

DF 16 Modern Action – molotov solution CD

DF 15 Sharp Objects – s/t CD

DF 14 Scheisse Minelli – exist to get piss`t Lp green vinyl lim 100

DF 13 Black Feet – Back on this road again 7“/MP3

DF 12 The Pikes – something`s going on Lp/CD/MP3 blue vinyl lim 100

coming next

DF 11 The Shocks – the 7inches vol II Lp/MP3


NEWS 15.05.2011


upcoming tour:

Black Feet Sweden

Jul 1 Schaubude Kiel, GERMANY


Jul 3 Plaque Bar Leipzig, GERMANY

Jul 4 Cafe Kult München, GERMANY

Jul 5 AK44 Giessen, DE


Jul 7 Sonic Ballroom Köln, Nordrhein-, de

Jul 8 Molotow bar Hamburg, GERMANY

Jul 9 White Trash Berlin, Germany, DE

Out now:

DF 18 Brat Pack – stupidity returns Lp (CD on Destiny and shield records)

The second album shows a great maturing process (can't be said about the bandmembers themselves by the way… ;-) without losing the style that was grasped from the start ... just think of Adolescents, SNFU, RKL, NoFX and anything else in between and you have an idea what BRAT PACK are about. "Stupidity Returns" contains ten new songs which can easily be qualified as the best work the group slapped on CD/Vinyl so far!

Limited edition on black vinyl !

DF 19 Gewapend Beton – big dumb kids Lp (CD on GSR)

Mit dem neuen Album gehen GEWAPEND BETON zurück zu ihren Punk Wurzeln, die mit fetten Hardrock Riffs kombiniert werden ohne dabei die Intensität von oldschool Hardcore zu vernachlässigen. Mit einem fettem Video zumTiteltrack sind sie bereit ihren Virus um den Globus zu verbreiten.

Lp kommt in wirklich fettem Klappcover !


DF 20 Kamikatze - 10“


NEWS 15.03.2011

upcoming tours:

Epidemics - sweden - APRIL 2011
22 Fri – Germany – Hamburg (Lobusch)
23 Sat – Germany – Berlin (Koma F)
24 Sun – Poland – Warsaw (Elba)
26 Tue – Czech – Olomouc  (Mitril)
27 Wed – Czech – Prague (Futurum)
28 Thu – Czech – Plzen (Pod Lampou)
29 Fri – Germany – Finsterwalde (L’86) early show
29 Fri – Germany – Nuenchritz (Kombi) late show
30 Sat – Germany – Leipzig (G16 festival)

April 13th Thee Parkside, SF, CA w/ 7 Crowns
April 14th The Trip, Santa Monica, CA Bands TBA
April 15th San Diego, the Shakedown w/DPI and El Nada
April 16th TJ, Mex MI Pueblo Bar with Verbal Desecration, APT, Turbolencia Koatika, Tun-Tun, DMFK
April 17th Econdio, CA Metaphor w/Dirtbag, Dudes Eat Acid
April 18th Las Vegas, NV Yayo Taco W/ A-Heads, 7 Crowns, Fight Music, FSU
April 19th Anaheim, The Dollhut w/Dirtbag, No Victor, CD6
April 20th Oakland, CA BOB fest at Ghost Town Gallery w/ Jello Biafra and TGBSOM, One in the Chamber, Alaric
April 21st Oakland, CA Party at BOB fest
April 22nd Oakland, Ca party at BOB Fest
April 23rd Oakland, Ca party at BOB Fest
April 24th Day off (drive north and enjoy the redwoods)
April 25th Day off (chill in Oregon)
April 26th Seattle, Wash Funhouse
April 27th Portland, Oregon House Party w/Crime Machine
April 28th Sacto, Ca the fire escape Bands TBA
April 29th Concord, Ca Ret Hat w/2nd Class Citizens, Anal Mucus, The Dead Smurfs, Cheapskate
April 30th Berk, CA Gilman w/Fang, Attitude Adjustment, Zero Bullshit, The Need


NEWS 20.02.2011


DF 21 Zander Schloss – Sean Wheeler split album with Pascal Briggs & The Stokers Lp (CD on Mad Drunken Monkey Records)

After 3 years of succesfully performing as a solo artist including loose collaborations with many fellow musicians, Pascal Briggs has finally got a new, steady line-up on the go: The Stokers! Their full-on band sound is of course more driving than the acoustic stuff but, situated somewhere between Punk, 70's Rock and Folk, remains absolutely unique and unpredictable, ironically described as "Stoker Rock" by the group itself.

Sean is the voice of Throw Rag/Charley horse and in unison with Joe Strummers longtime musical companion and Circle Jerks/Die Hunns member Zander Schloss, the duo is going to deliver their fine brand of punk fueled Americana/Roots music.

DF 22 Black Feet – s/t Lp / CD / MP3

Black Feet was formed in the fall of 2009 and consists of Tess Törner (previously in Kamikatze, Bruce Banner, Perculators), Janne Elfsten (The Pricks), Marcus ”Klackan” Bengtsson (Between Us) and Lovisa Fredriksson (previously in Disco Volante). In June 2010 they recorded their first album, titled simply ”Black Feet”, in Studio Dustward. Black Feet is best described as a mix of punk/rock/pop and garage with catchy melodies.

In 2010, Black Feet played several gigs in their hometown Stockholm as well as in Umeå (Sweden). In 2011, the plan is to tour Europe as well as recording a new 7” single.

DF 23 Scheisse Minelli – The fight against reality Lp (CD on Destiny Records)

This Oldschool SkateCore-ThrashPunk Monster-Album comes with 16 new hits about skating & alcohol, about religious infatuation, suicide, serial killers and other weird SHIT.

It´s all classic 80ties-Style Hardcore (and a little less Thrash-Metal-pieces as on the last album), played with modern High-Speed / High-Octane Vengeance and straight into-your-face recording.

SCHEISSE MINNELLI are truely Germany´s hardest touring HC-Unit, preaching fast-as-fuck power-skatepunk and according lifestyle all over the world, 4 times Europe, 3 times USA, sharing stages with Pennywise, Attitude Adjustment, NOFX, Raw Power, Municipal Waste, A Wilhelm Scream and many many more... Their music is being compared with Verbal Abuse, Poison Idea, R.K.L, Blast or Infest. Guest-Musicians involved into "THE FIGHT AGAINST REALITY": Chris Kontos & Kevin Reed (Attitude Adjustment) / Chris Rest, "Little Joe" Raposo & Barry D`Alive (R.K.L) 

DF 24 Zack Zack – wir haben Zeit Lp / CD

Zack Zack is the new band from Smail and Lotze from the legendary Berlin Punk outfit THE SHOCKS. They were completed by Andy from THE CREEKS and the drummer from THE MINUS APES. This is the continuation of the last Shocks album, but instead highspeed Punkrock you´ll get more poppy melodies. The album contains 10 originals plus a cover from the New Zealands finest 60s garage Punk Band THE BLUE STARS. Most songs are sung in German, but there are some English parts as well.